Artificial Intelligence

Get to know your partner before you even start chatting

Welcome to the era of innovation in the dating world with Flero! We are happy to introduce you to our most unique feature — artificial intelligence embedded in our app.

What makes Flero really special? Our AI assistant analyzes your correspondence with any user and helps you build a high-quality and interesting dialogue. It highlights key points and provides valuable insights to help you better understand your interlocutor. Moreover, the AI assistant provides useful recommendations based on message text analysis and unique algorithms. With Flero, you'll feel more confident to communicate, whether it's writing the first message or keeping up the conversation.

And that's not all! The app offers a personal chat with an AI assistant who is always ready to help you with questions related to dating and relationships. You can ask any question and he will answer with reliable tips and advice. He will be your trusted personal advisor, always available at the right time. Our AI assistant is ready to help you not only communicate and establish contacts, but also in finding the perfect match, and will also give you valuable tips for a successful first date.

And that's not all! We offer you two amazing features — generative gifts and stickers. Generative gifts are something truly unique. You can choose any photo from any user, and our artificial intelligence will turn it into a beautiful, generated picture. This is a great way to express your creativity and please other users with interesting and original gifts.

What if you could create your own generative stickers? It's possible with Flero! In a chat with any user, you can generate a sticker on any topic you like using artificial intelligence. Whether it's a funny meme, a romantic sticker, or something unique, stickers you create will add fun and originality to your conversations.

Flero makes dating more convenient and reliable. We strive to create a platform where people can not only find their soul mate, but also get professional support and advice every step of the way. Join us now and discover new opportunities in the dating world!

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